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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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of the tens of millions of american women who want coverage for their contraception. president obama himself announce the new rule on birth control. >> religious organizations will not have to pay for these services in a religious institution will have to provide these services directly. women who work at these institutions will have access to contraceptive services just like other women. >> barack obama blank after protests, even in his own party over the regulation he insisted on requiring church affiliated schools and hospitals to include free birth control in their health care coverage. now, their insurance companies must provide contraception and pay for it. catholic bishops called this a deeper step in the right direction and women's groups are pleased. >> birth control will be covered for no copiague. >> -- no co-pay.
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>> cpac sees this as a winning issue. >> this motivates the catholic conservative base. >> santorum is gaining after his triple and on tuesdays as it is not about contraception. >> it's about freedom of religion, government control of your lives, and it has to stop. >> romney came to cpac. >> i will reverse every single obama regulation that threatens and a satellite in this country. >> government rules on birth control should not be a political issue, says obama. it is not yet clear which politician this may help or hurt. live from washington, steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. back to you, donna and stand. >> the u.s. conference of
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bishops is withholding but they're calling this moved a good first step to address a religious freedom conserves. when asked about the obama administration's the regulations on birth control, he said he was concerned. the biggest issue, he felt, was that there were forcing catholic institutions into it? they considered immoral. >> the attention has gotten out. we had calls from protestant churches and protestant pastors banking as the stand we are taking. what is happening to us will happen to them, too. once the government tells the religious group what to do regardless of their beliefs, there is no more freedom of religion. >> informal ceremony to elevate the new cardinal will be held next saturday.
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wbal will have complete coverage of the ceremony from rome starting next week. >> gov. martin o'malley brought two allies with him today to urge passage of the same sex the bill. he brought clergy you demanded the undivided attention. david collins had a ringside seat. >> many expect a the same old argument. the governor could now be bringing game changing testimony with him. strong emotions were held in check. those on both sides of the same- sex marriage issue relied on carefully chosen words. many people were turned away into an overflow room that quickly became crowded. gov. martin o'malley brought with him what supporters hope would be a game changer, he was flanked by clergy with opposing
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definitions but agree on the governor's goal. many have believed this before. he included the developments in california and washington state. >> it is not right or just that these children should of lesser protections under the law than the children of other families in our state. nor would it be right to force religious institutions to conduct a marriages that conflict with their own religious beliefs and teachings. >> with the governor's desk that commanded attention. they approach the issue differently, profoundly come and arguably convincing. >> of bear denied certain rights because they engage in behavior that some only to be a moral and an affront to marriage, and why not also denies certain rights to those heterosexuals who commit adultery, have been of divorced, had had an abortion, or bothered children out of wedlock under the pretense that it would shrink in marriage and family? >> he said he believes marriage
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is a christian union between one man and one woman and will refuse to marry same-sex couples. >> every person has the right to choice, quality, and freedom under the law notwithstanding my personal belief and faith traditions. i can support the civil marriage protection act because civil marriage is not synonymous with religious marriage. it is therefore not being imposed on the fate communities to acknowledge, authorize, sanction, or perform its rituals and ceremonies. >> there were several lively exchanges and we will show you them in at 6:00. by from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> at the issue is drawing extremely polarized issues on line. "i hope it does not pass. i'm sick of our kids thinking it is normal and acceptable."
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"i do not know why this is such a big issue instead of worrying about who loves to. if you'd like to share your comments, like us on facebook. "the driver of this vehicle apparently lost control and crashed into my home. sky team 11 was above the home around noon. when they arrived they found significant damage consistent with a vehicle crashing into the exterior of the home and they found the vehicle nearby. no one was transported to the hospital with injuries and no word on the total structural damage to the home. >> fire crews are trying to figure and what caused this fire shortly before 9:30 a.m. along the 2100 block of st. paul street. it started on the third floor and it took about 25 minutes for the fire crews to control it. the cause of the fire does remain under investigation. >> the murder trial of huguely george took an intense emotional
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turn today. they listened to the police testimony after his girlfriend was found dead in her bedroom. we are live in the studio with more details. sheldon? >> huguely said he had about 20 alcoholic drinks a day love died. it definitely begin to take an emotional turn in the courtroom today. george and least two jurors started crying when a videotape of the investigation was played today. he told police, "we were is going to talk. i never stryker. i never hit her in the face." he said, "i never, like, strangled her. i may have grabbed her neck." they told him that she was dead. appeared to catch him off guard. >> she's dead? how is she dead? i do not believe she has dead.
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please tell me she is not dead. there is no way. there is no way. they say they went to his apartment hours after her body was discovered and was immediately a suspect. he said he got the bruises playing lacrosse. a montgomery county native and former you be a lacrosse players accused in her death. but she was found dead in her charlottesville apartment almost two years ago after her head was repeatedly slammed against the wall. the testified that she did not have any pre-existing heart conditions. huguely admitted the two of them wrestle but that she did not -- he did not punch or strangle her. more than 100 pieces of evidence were shown in late court today including her laptop and
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bloodstained sheets. like in the studio, sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the tape played in court is detailed online on you can find the link at the top of the home page. there are new rules in place when it comes to reporting baltimore police officers on duty because more and more people are armed with cameras and smartphones. this video lentivirus on youtube showing police trying to detain one man when another comes up and sucker punches the officer. the rules state the police cannot have it or prevent people from reporting police activity as long as it is happening in public. this comes just days before a court hearing brought by a man saying the opposite is confiscated his cell phone and images taken during his arrest during the preakness in 2010. >> it has been an interesting
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day. we have seen clouds gradually increase and clouds are starting to load up with precipitation. the national weather service has issued a winter weather and advisory from cecil county west through was the baltimore, carol, frederick, and and into the mountains. this will go into effect later tonight and into early morning saturday. on hd doppler, a mix of make better coming in. this will come in over the day tomorrow and it will head up the mid-atlantic coast and get stronger. a cold front is coming in and out of the chicago area which will be dropping in with plenty of snow and cold coming in off of the great lakes. that will arrive tomorrow afternoon. this is a two-part system. the end result is the potential for some snow over the weekend. more details on how much and the timing coming up.
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>> of local food bank is the street after the volunteer loses control of her car. >> what happens next for the dozens of families that depend on the food bank for help? >> liu is about to play one of the biggest gains in greyhound history. how they're preparing to take them on. >> hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure can call a hot line to get the benefit from a settlement reached with the banks. i'm barry simms with the details had.
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>> maryland homeowners in danger of foreclosure are wasting no time when about a foreclosure settlement between the maryland attorney general and five of the biggest mortgage servicers. hundreds of distressed homeowners are calling the hot wind see how they can benefit. barry simms as live in baltimore with more. >> we are on the 3400 blocked of the street in northwest baltimore. this home is for sale and is a foreclosure. the state hopes this settlement means the were signs like this and more retention of homes. the phones, computers, the
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people, none of this existed one week ago. now the state of the maryland attorney general's office as this as the location of a hot line to help maryland homeowners. >> we have there will be fewer people foreclosed upon, at your house is in the pool and the economy can start a turnaround. >> and announced this multistate settlement with wells fargo, bank of america, citigroup, and ally, maryland is receiving $690 million. >> most of it will go to help but printable reductions, refinancing, helping people stay in their homes. [unintelligible] since the announcement, this phone bank has been buzzing. the callers are asking how they can benefit from this agreement reached following an investigation into fraud, foreclosure abuse, and so-called "robo signing," when employees
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assigned of without verifying information. stated effort -- state investigators say they are noticing a rise in foreclosures. >> things have gotten worse. the banks have been holding off during this problem. they were holding off on some foreclosures, so there has been a recent uptick in the number of the notices of intent to foreclose. >> the people calling now are under foreclosure or under water. some are concerned that while their payments are current, they fear falling behind. she spent two hours on the phone answering homeowners questions. she usually answers health- related disputes. >> everyone had a story about what had happened and what they were experiencing. they were excited that there was somewhere they could call to get some type of assistance. >> since noon on thursday, they
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have handled more than 700 calls. it will remain open weekdays until wednesday. 410-576-6300. reporting live from northwest baltimore, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it rarely used cancer drug has been shown to reduce early alzheimer's in mice. it is traditionally used to treat t-cell lymphoma, but they gave the mice the drug in the early stages of alzheimer's and some of the brain abnormalities were reversed. experts say they will begin to text in humans in the next few months or so. doctors from uc san francisco say they found weighty is own stem cells.
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doctors say using the patient's own cells opera's major benefits such as a lower chance of rejection. been averted taken heart stem cells from by human patience to learn more about the technique, but so far the tests in my serve very promising. >> we see more blood vessels forming and much less damage to the heart. >> of all goes well, clinical studies where the stem cells will be rejected back into the heart will likely begin next year. there is one way to tell the economy may be getting stronger. track plastic surgery. the number procedures last year jumped by 5%. it has been driven mostly by minimally invasive procedures like chemical peels and botox. cosmetic surgeries were also up by 2%.
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breast augmentation and liposuction were the most popular, but one popular procedure with a manic, getting the strong chin. it can augmentation is nearly doubled in 2011. -- chen at augmentation. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. [laughter] >> i like my chin. i think i will stay with it. un-augmented. snow flurries reported up in rochester. indicating light rain showers falling for most of our region with sprinkles a brain trying to develop. in the higher elevations, some of the hilltops in carroll county, you could get a bit above sea level so you could be seeing some flurry activity mixed in. more snow to the north and west of baltimore, more rain fell
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bandies. some peace insurers already coming in. all this is moving through tonight and during the day tomorrow up towards new england. the winter weather advisory for the northern tier. so far, they have not issued any advisories or warnings, but sterling virginia issuing advisories for us, harford county back, western allegany, cecil county. there could be the potential for a few inches of snow mainly on grassy areas. 46 today at the airport, 49 downtown. warmer than normal. -7 was the record low. the high was 3. the coldest day ever in baltimore. a few years ago, a week of intense snowfall back in 2010.
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that storm dumped about 20 inches up to 25 inches. low 40's on the eastern shore currently. 48 in auburn. 27 in oakland. it looks like the two-part system will come in with rain and snow. low pressure will pass through then intensify not because the new england. the arctic front will come sliding through. the low and the front will bring is a chance for showers. we will get into some of that air over the weekend. mostly snow in northern baltimore and carroll county. for the over night, more snow developing to the north and west of the interstate 95 corridor and mostly rain on the eastern shore. some slippery conditions may develop, but i think the roads will stay mainly wed because it has been such a mild winter.
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then a second burst of snow showers in the evening tomorrow followed by win become a cold weather saturday night into sunday. most areas will have a trace up to 1 inch, but there could be some areas with two or 3 inches in the northwestern suburbs. not a blockbuster storm, but compared to what we have had this winter, it's at least a taste. loews brown 30-35 tonight. off and on snow showers tomorrow. highs around 42 but sharply colder and windy in the afternoon. the arctic front should get here after 4:00. 19 in the mountains tomorrow, 20 on sunday. we could end up with six-8 inches in the mountains. 37 with flurries possible on the lower eastern shore sunday. in ocean city, the same
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scenario. flurries, windy, and it called on sunday. windy and clearing up on sunday, back into the 40's monday and tuesday. cook the grandchildren of accused child abusers sandusky is the focus of this latest court appearance. >> he wants to have more contact, but prosecutors say it's too dangerous. the latest in the trial against the former penn state assistant coach. >> changes on the web for students in the middle
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quicks some new legal maneuvering in the sandusky child sex abuse case. >> one side argued was whether his house arrest to be lifted to me to visit his grandchildren. chris clackum has the latest. >> sandusky arrived in the court house, one of the conditions of his house arrest that may be
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partially behind the open hostility toward the media. here is what his wife did to this reporter outside the sandusky home on thursday. >> we have gotten several complaints. >> the complaints she was reporting on work from the neighbors who say he is frequently seen outside on his porch. towards the children on the school playground nearby which is why prosecutors asked that the conditions be tightened to force in to stay inside. sandusky said the neighbors are wrong. >> now all of a sudden these people turn on me when they have been in my home with their kids. >> sandusky asked that his house for let -- house arrest to be relaxed so he had the freedom to visit his grandchildren. >> she came home after visiting with grandchildren and sitting there when they were over and
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they asked to talk to me. she had to tell them that they cannot. >> he cannot have contact with anyone after 18 after being charged with 52 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys. the judge says they will rule soon on the conditions of house arrest as well as an outside jury will be brought to state college for sandusky's trial. it is now tentatively starting in mid may. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> class is in carroll county are about to get a lot more intense. we will explain at 5:30. >> a car crashes straight through this baltimore county food bank. now they are
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal's and tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5 in hd continues now. >> a food bank that serves 80,000 families destroyed when a car comes crashing through the front door. volunteers are hoping to rebuild after the vehicle crashed into a local food bank. >> and now the families are in need of some major kitchen staples and they're hoping you can help. john never france added that the that the damage. >> i heard the engine and something to me to jump back. i'm glad i did. >> this reverend was inside the
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food bank on monday when this car drove straight through the front door and out the back wall. what she does not know what happens. insurance thinks she did the accelerator instead of the break. >> the weekly food. volunteer was not hurt but a majority of the food items were destroyed in the facility has been condemned. it is on the property of a pine grove church and it serves 80 families. >> we are not reach ministry of the baltimore north cluster of churches come 18 small churches. reddit families live, we get referrals. we're not the grocery store, but we are there to help them get the next paycheck. >> are now, they're using the churches social hall to store the food. it is only a temporary solution. nonperishable food items have been coming in from several neighboring food banks, but
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because it has been condemned, what they're really need our monetary donations to rebuild. >> this is a building and we have been pricing something similar. it can be anything between 6000-$10,000. then we have to put in the insulation and everything else. >> the main concern fraises to get it up and running because we have 80 families to depend on us. monday and wednesday have not been fed. >> the hope is that they can rebuild immediately. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> president barack obama announced the birth control compromise to protect those from religious liberties and ensure the nation's women have access to contraception. after weeks of growing controversy, he backed off their recently announced requirement for religiously affiliated employers to provide free birth control even of their runs
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counter to their beliefs. they will be able to get contraception directly from the health insurance companies. it has been an afternoon of heated debate at the state house. there have been hearing support and opposition on a pair of doing marriage relation bills. one would legalize while the other would create a constitutional definition to define marriage. the most captivating testimony was from members of the clergy who argued that heterosexual should be kept away from marriage. an emotional day of testimony in the murder trial of george huguely. huguely and two other jurors a broken down in tears listing to a recorded conversation between huguely and police. he had gone to talk to yeardly love about the relationship and it turned physical.
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>> carroll county middle school students are about to see some big changes in what they're learning. they're doing an across-the- board review of middle school courses. education reporter tim tooten joins us more on the story. >> for some time now, the school administrators have been making changes to keep the district up- to-date with the new statewide standards. >> let's see how you do with the warmup. you can enter this one. water freezes at? good. very nice. >> this science courses helping students understand the basics. >> i am spot checking to make sure you have a completed. >> but by fall they will lead to some changes. some of the course names will be done away with as well as some of what is being taught. >> we have had accelerated class's in the past, but these will become onerous bubble class's. math and english, science, and
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social studies. >> that's a good thing? >> it's excellent. >> i am in all accelerated causes including, like coming english, math, science, and social studies. >> he would not mind it were accelerated to honors? >> i do not think it would be a problem. >> administrators say the goal is to help them learn using real-world schools -- skills. it is called a common core standards. the parents seem to be on board. >> i believe rally accelerated -- having accelerated class's because it tracks toward high school. >> a lot of kids need the positive reinforcement and i think this is a very good start. >> already, middle school principals are doing their part to get the word out to parents and school staff. >> communication is the key to many transition.
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we have been talking in general terms of the board makes decisions and approve the curriculum. >> the carroll county school board should approve the changes sometime next month. there also said the proposed changes for what students learn in high school. you can read the middle school proposal on under education alert. live in the 11 news room, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> breaking news right now out of baltimore city. a body has been found in the water. we have just arrived on the scene and we will send up to capt. roy taylor. what do you know so far? >> the baltimore city fire department is on the scene. a body has been found in the party. it is just that the bottom of the key bridge on the baltimore city-anne arundel county side. they have requested the transit
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authority to respond to the location to deal with the investigation. as soon as we get more information we will get you more. reporting live in sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. >> one of the most popular exhibits is back for an encore. it is big. it is red. clifford the big red dog is the central focus of the gallery based upon the popular book series. they can board the ferry and journeyed to america's biggest pet. they have received dozens of calls and letters from parents asking for this exhibit to return. it's back for a limited engagement. >> we have had so many people coming in and enjoying the exhibit at all different times. sometimes the older children love to come in because they have great memories. the little ones, you cannot get them out of here.
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>> everyone loves clifford. the exhibit will leave on may 5th. tickets are $13 per person. >> still ahead, one of the parent's first -- worst nightmares. >> the school bus carrying your child burst into flames. >> wide problem may be more than just one of the bus. >> new cummins tonight about the mayor's skybox controversy. i'm jayne miller with the story at 6:00.
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>> the latest on the violence in syria. one of the reasons top leaders have talked about the veto on the situation. we are now on days six that have killed hundreds of people. activists are afraid that war is imminent. the saudi arabian king is slamming the u.s. on moving
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forward with their resolution. >> the confidence of the u.s. from the whole world is shaken. the country should never believed to have the authority to borrow the entire world. >> chinese say they vetoed the measure because the ongoing violence in syria was an internal matter and it acquitted taking sides in a civil war. a coroner is testing body and tissue after prosecutors have raised questions about the odd timing of his death. he died on january 31, 2001 day after he was found competent to testify in a high-profile case. it will most likely show he died of natural causes, but they say he was suffering from cancer and dementia. >> a 14-year-old boy is in serious condition after shooting
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yourself in the face in new hampshire. he shot himself around 11:00 in the cafeteria and from of dozens of students. it parents were allowed to come pick their student up from school. they say the boy had been passing note saying he was depressed, but they were not clear why. as the investigation is underway after a school bus fire at this week. all the students and of a driver escaped without injuries, but it is the same make and model of the other buses in north carolina that have caught fire over the past two years. they believe this started the problem with a fan. >> under investigation. >> the concern, reports of buyers in the driver's side
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doors. which vehicles are causing problems? ahead in consumer alert. >> rain and snow across the area and reports of sprinkles heading west toward howard county. a winter makes on the way. in baltimore, wind is calm with the barometer and 30 inches.
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>> the obama administration changes course under fire from religious groups of the birth control controversy. how is the plan will make free it more control available. why does the mayor used the city
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blocks in the stadium? a look at the governing policies a look at the governing policies in other
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>> march madness is right around the corner and for the first time since 1994, it may include loyola university. >> tonight, loyola will try to get the whole thing by themselves. pete gilbert sat down with the head coach, jimmy. >> you were having to go door- to-door trying to get people to come to the game. >> you have to enjoy it. for two hours in here, it is
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intense. i'm a pretty happy go lucky guy. they need to use the energy defensively. i do not think the one guy returns the one credit. he has been here seven years and i have been here one year. and as did the things about which way should go and he's helping us get some kids. he make sure the community is involved in he really believes in the basketball program and helping the school. it's a great school. i always knew they could do it. i'm lucky because it when the leader of the school believes in basketball you have a chance. >> look at r.j. williams. >> you guys are having the best season in have had in 30 seasons. >> r. j. is happy to pass the
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ball. he can score. >> i do not use that play 110%. their backs are against the wall. they will come in here on the road. make sure you have somebody out there. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast the chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> another mixed bag of winter weather coming our way but it has been such a mild winter that no one can complain. hopefully this will limit rush- hour problems over the weekend. the roads are still warm, so expect a lot of wet roads instead of snow covered. compared to what to dealing with a little bit ago, the snowiest month ever, 50 inches in one month, and measurable snow come
5:50 pm
eight times. february 5th, sixth, if they were all record snow days. we were snowed under. this year, hardly anything to contend with. if you go way back to 1899, the worst arctic outbreak ever in baltimore and february 10th was the coldest day ever in baltimore. -7 the low, +3 was the high. that is the coldest it will ever get. it went five days were the highest temperature was 11 then 15.5 inches of snow. brutal. less little system coming through, this is a mixed bag of rain and snow but the winter weather and buys a restructuring across the northern counties. in these areas, the snowfall accumulation will be possible indian by azeri will go into
5:51 pm
affect midnight tomorrow with a 1-3 inches of snow potentially. this will pass off and get stronger over the atlantic. is to the arctic air that will be coming in. the arctic front moves through these systems bringing us snow showers. temperatures in the 40's starting to drop into the 20's in western maryland. the initial mix will have a different person but -- precipitation. going through the evening, we will see more and more of the mix changing over to snow, but likely to have a good deal of light snow falling and as the arctic front comes in, snow showers in the afternoon adding to whenever we will get. accumulation expected to be on the lower range of this scale. the couple of inches on the interior eastern shore. overall, compared to what we
5:52 pm
could be getting this time of year, not bad. 30-35 tonight, a mix of rain and snow. snow showers off and on tomorrow, maybe getting close to 40 before the front will send temperatures downward. it will be windy sunday but a high of only 36. he should be closed it began by the end of next week. -- you should be closed to 60. >> the federal government is looking at reports of dorp buyers on some toyota vehicles. the national highway traffic safety investigation is looking into buyers -- fires in the 2007 camry, solara, and rav4 suv's. 6 have been reported. they start in the power window switches. good gas mileage and the latest technology, what consumers are
5:53 pm
looking for the international olive rochelle, making a stop in baltimore this weekend. some of the latest cars offered by major manufacturers including ford, toyota, and honda. the fuel-efficient vehicles this year will stick out because organizers will be putting a 40-mpg sticker on the ones that make the club. you can visit the pictures on line. in a report shows a household income is on the rise. the study found median household income was up 4% between august and december increasing from $49,000 to $51,000. the rise is likely due to stronger job growth, higher wages, and easing inflation. the news is not all good. household income in december was
5:54 pm
still down to thousand dollars compared to 2007 when the recession began. >> it turns out it's not what you know but who you know that can get you a seat at the city steve handelsman. -- city skybox. looking at one city that regulates how tax dollars are sent when it comes to the mayor's box. >> the big money and big dreams. part of the line up to get tickets
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>> a lot of excitement building. >> the parable of jackpot has increased to $325 million up from $310 million last night. kai reed is live with the race is on to win big tonight. >> the race is definitely on with a steady stream of people here buying their tickets. the jackpot is now at $325 million. this is the third largest jackpot and there have been an incredible amount of sales nationwide. people are stepping up to the sheen buying tickets. with that much money on the line, it's definitely worth a try. >> i feel that i am lucky. it has not been my day yet, but
5:58 pm
it has been a celebration. i'm hoping that today is doubly lucky for me. >> i have a lucky feelings. >> she deals like it is her lucky day. her daughter was born 40 years ago today. the jackpot has been growing since christmas eve when someone here in maryland won and a few months before that someone in harford county one back in september. there is no winner on saturday, the wednesday jackpot will be $415 million and it will be the biggest jackpot ever. it can watch the numbers being drawn on wbal tomorrow night at 11:22.
5:59 pm
live in pikes develop, kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> she's thinking about winning the lottery already. >> it is just mind-boggling. >> here's a look at what is coming up 6:00. >> president obama and works to find his way out of his way -- his way out of the right control controversy. >> new questions about the mayor's years of the skybox in m&t bank standium. >> it winter weather and by as reports of maryland overnight. -- a winter weather advisory. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> raising new questions tonight about the use of the city's skybox at m&t bank standium. it reads like a who's who of family members and


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